Chanakya Consultancy is one of the best solutions of web designing, web development and web solutions. We are one of the leading companies of India. We dispense mainly with:

  • web designing
  • web Development
  • web and Mobile Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media and Web Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain registration services

We are basically an all kind of web solution providers. We are basically geared up to take demanding and challengeable projects and provide economical and methodological approach to the process. Our main strengths are customized web designing, web based projects, applications keeping in mind the need and preference of the company as well as an individual.
Chanakya is expertise in the field of designing and developing search engine friendly websites, web portals and web applications using advanced technology. We are highly tech-savvy and possess extremely qualified and skilled man-power to accomplish our client’s task. We believe in constantly training and updating our team as well as resources regularly to keep them efficient and competent. Our servers are equipped with latest versions of Linux Operating systems, configured with leading and popular control panels and software. The servers are highly secure, safe and uninterruptable as we use services of world’s leading data centre companies. Security is a prime concern for us at all levels.

Chanakyas provide all inclusive e-solutions ranging from domain name registration to server-hosting and designing and development services. Our areas of specialization includes custom website development, designing, re-engineering and SEO.

A website has potential beyond the ordinary, to reach out to the masses. Be it to educate, inform, advertise, market, or any other productive activity, in the Internet-oriented era we’re living in, a website on the World Wide Web is the best media means. And so, it is no surprise that innumerable processes go into the making of a website.
Each of these processes is a unique one. But they’re inter-dependent in the sense that each process or phase follows after its previous one. We believe having an overview of all the processes that go into the making of a website is essential. Hence, Chanakya Consultancy is a complete Web Solution Company. That is, we offer a variety of quality services that together make up a website; ranging from the design to development to its optimization, marketing and hosting and registration. Needless to mention, the teams that provide these services comprise of the best of engineers from the fields. We have designers, who are artistic as well as technical, developers who are experienced and an SEO team that’s always updated with the latest technology on the block.

Website Designing
Aesthetic and relevant website design services that ensure that the website is not just pleasing to the eyes, but also food for thought, are provided. These services are easy on the pocket and fulfill your needs completely. There are various phases in this process scheduled from reviewing proposal, finalizing the contract to selecting theme, template, brand, logo (identity), colour scheme, site structure, navigation schemes, incorporating images and content etc.

Web Development
The wide domain of Web Development covers the simplest of projects to elaborate ones, at Chanakya Consultancy. The most widely used technology, Open Source Technology is used. It’s based on MySql, PHP, Linux and UNIX at Chanakya’s. We work with the aim of effectively establishing your presence, on the world online. From developing the smallest of projects like a single static page to bigger projects like internet applications, social networking services, websites etc. , we develop everything!

Web and Mobile Application Development
Chanakya builds secure and customized applications for its clients, as per their needs. The risks involved are tackled with beforehand and latest tools and technology are used to develop web and Mobile applications. A lot of categories of applications are developed by us like Internet apps-word processors, online games, Business apps, etc.

Software Development
Scalable solutions need to be developed at a very quick rate, in the technological generation. This can be only achieved through quality softwares. Our expertise in the field ensures the blend of perfect services to deliver the software of your needs to you. Our experts listen to your requirements, elicit and analyse them well so that your product is as per your requirements. Conceptualization of the idea follows. Simple and effective coding, unit and batch testing and maintenance ensure the best possible software you can get, in the shortest possible duration. Choice of the most efficient technology for a particular design makes a firm base for the software to develop. Our experts have mastered that art. Product reengineering services are also provided by Chanakya Consultancy.

Search Engine Optimization
Owning a website is not substantial enough. What matters more is the amount of traffic it generates, or in other words- the presence it has. We make websites so that it can reach to a global audience. Thus, attracting more and more people to your website, or enhacing the website’s visibility is a necessity.
Website visibility and ranking during Search engine results are enhanced so as to generate regular traffic to your website. Through Keyword identification, Content and Code Optimization, Website Reengineering etc. , On Google. com, Yahoo. com, etc. , our clients’ websites and pages attain high ranking.

Web Marketing
Connecting with the market which we want to target, needs technical and well-researched marketing strategies. Effective marketing strategies and technologies have been adopted to direct sales to the maximum. A well-targeted approach to reach old and new customers does the job. The most appropriate tools, technology and consultancy are invested in this field, at Chanakya. Business profitability of the clients is enhanced when Chanakya markets their products with professional enthusiasm.

Web Hosting
For online existence and promotion, accessibility to the webpage/website is provided by secure servers, at Chanakya Consultancy. The leading company, The Planet in the US is home to Chanakya’s servers. Additionally, our experts are available all the time to guide you and listen to any doubts you may have. We guarantee 99. 9% Uptime too as we use extremely powerful servers that eliminate any downtime. We’re prompt in our service and offer speed and reliability to our customers.

Domain Registration
Register your domain at cheap rates, with an array of free services provided along with the Domain Registration Process. It is a secure and ethical process and amazingly quick, at Chanakya Consultancy.

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